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7 Steps to Start Your

Spiritual Journey

By Alex the Alex

I have gotten a lot of questions as to how did I get into all of this spirit “stuff” and what is the best way for them to start. Fortunately for me, my mother was going through her awakening period when I was an age where I could understand a lot of it. She filled our home with astrology and spiritual self-help books. I took it upon myself to go to the library and go through books about natal charts and palm readings. Really, I would spend hours at the library trying to find answers to this universe because I felt like there was so much I didn’t know. 


I really didn’t have a rhyme or reason to my exploration. I just let my curiosity lead me, so when people ask for advice about starting their spiritual journey, it was hard to answer. To tell the truth once you asked the question, you are already on it. I have identified 7 key steps that think would have been beneficial for me to know when starting out.


1. Ask for enlightenment. 

I wish your spiritual journey was like riding a bike, it is not. It is a journey. It takes time and enlightenment. But it can come as quickly or slowly as you allow. You have to first ask for enlightenment. 


You might say, “Alex, who do I ask?”


Lol, you must ask your Universal Source, we all have someone different. I grew up Christian so I call on God. While on this journey, you will learn that at the end of the day we all the embodiment of that Source, no matter whatever the Earthly name we devise for it. Ok, let me not get too deep.


Simple answer, ask God to grant you the enlightenment that you seek for healing, growth, abundance, and love. 


2. Allow new opportunities.

Once you have asked, you must allow the Universe to do its job. You don’t need to check on it. Your eagerness to learn and grow will be drawn to you like a magnet. You might have asked for more enlightenment and then stumbled on this blog. That was not by accident. That was because you decided to allow a new opportunity to come into your reality and there will be more. I know we have been trained through our religions and education systems to stay away from all of those things. 


But why? Why have we been pushed away from becoming more spiritual and aligned with the Universe that we live in? There are two answers that I can think of:

  •  We fear what we don’t understand, so it is easier to stay away from it.

  • They know that if the world understood the power we possess and the tools that have been put here for us to fully activates those powers, they could not control us. 


My mother warned me of the naysayers and the people who would shame me for my exploration because of their ignorance. For some reason, people think that being more spiritual means that you denounce God and sell your soul to the devil (who does not exist but that’s for another day), when it is the complete opposite. You liberate your soul and grow closer to the essence of God that is within you. You start to overcome the flesh and your light starts to burn brighter. 


When you are allowing new spiritual opportunities, use your discernment. There is a light and dark side to everything. You should never be involved in anything that brings harm to another or operates on a low vibrational frequency. 


You might ask, “ Alex, how will I know if something has a low vibrational frequency?”


You can feel it. It will feel dark, gloomy, sad, scary. Trust your intuition.


3. Be grateful.

Another to ensure that you are attracting high vibrational frequencies is to be grateful for all that you have. Appreciation is a significant part of your spiritual journey. It is probably one of the most essential parts. It is easy to be grateful when everything is going great but it is more important to find appreciation in the low moments. You will see how your appreciation will elevate to out of a certain situation into better ones.  


There is a misconception that gratitude is only for situations that we want, we must be grateful for the ones that we did not want as well. 


I can hear your question now, “ Alex, why would I be grateful for something that I do not want?”


It’s simple, you must be grateful for the lessons, the growth, the deliverance, the amazing people, and the opportunities that entered your life because of the unfortunate situations or circumstances. You will start to see how when you are grateful for the smaller things, you will be granted bigger things to be appreciative of.  


4. Start a manifestation journal.

Once you mastered the art of gratitude, it will be simpler for you to start manifesting things that used to seem hard. I suggest starting a manifestation journal. I call my journal “Alex’s book of Creation, Positivity, and Gratitude”. I will explain how I set up my book on another blog. Let’s just keep it simple right now. 


Get you a notebook or journal that is of good quality, have a bind that you like, the lines are the width that you like, or no lines if you like to draw or make diagrams. It should only be used for your spiritual journey, high vibrational frequencies. 


This is very important:  THIS IS NOT A DIARY, DO NOT WRITE DOWN LOW VIBRATIONAL THINGS THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO YOUR LIFE, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE! This journal is for you to write what you want and what you are grateful for. You must be clear when you write and write as if you already have it. 


I remember when I was in college, and I was struggling financially. All I could think of was how graduating and getting a job that made $50K a year. I wrote it over and over again, crying and cleanse my spirit. A year later I had found that notebook and I tell you no lie, I cried because I had made $55K that year. So I tried it for more and it worked! I even did it for a remote job, I didn’t ask for coronavirus but it provided me a way to work remotely. I have journaled so many manifestations and it’s wild how they have come true. 


5. Make meditation a habit.

So when you first start out on your spiritual journey, everything will probably be great. It’s like beginner’s luck. You may feel really in alignment but that soon fades because you are still living in a world full of people who are not yet awake. 


I say yet because I am hopeful there will be a day of awaking that we all are approaching. I think once everyone wakes up, God will be like, “ok that was fun, master reset. Let’s do it again”


But seriously, as you are awakening, it is important to find time to calm your mind, body, and spirit through mediation. I usually meditate after I finish my morning gratitude and manifestation journaling. Know that some days will be hard than others to sit in stillness but it is very important. It is like your daily calibration and alignment with self and God. It is a reminder that when you take a moment to be still there is actually nothing wrong in the moment. It is actually perfect.


Ok, ok, I hear you, “ Alex, how is a tough situation perfect?”


All creations and manifestations start in the mind and are amplified through our senses. If you want to switch up a situation, sit in stillness and come back level headed. You must understand that every situation is based on the perspective of that vantage point. Have you ever been late somewhere or missed an event only to find out there was an accident or an unfortunate event that happened but you were safe and sound? Understand the Universe is working towards your greater good and repeat this mantra: 

“Only Good Can Come to Me!”


As you go on this spiritual journey there are karmic things that you must deal with but it is not meant to harm you, but grow you. You must experience daily stillness to understand this and not be victimized. 


6. Follow your interest.

The big thing I think that stunts our spiritual growth is being afraid to research the things we want to know more about. We see the same numbers over and over again but we never google “what does 11:11 mean? What does 5091 mean?”  We have the same dream over and over again and we don’t think to look that a dream dictionary to see what spirit is trying to tell us. 


We believe in books like the Bible and read about spiritual downloads that these “great prophets” got from God but we think of ourselves as less than. What makes them different from you. You are capable of getting spiritual downloads just like them but you have to tap into them.  


If the moon fascinates you, learn more about it. Investigate your interest because they are being drawn to you for a reason. In the Christian church, we perform the ritual of taking communion but are afraid to do any other ritual even though sacred rituals are mentioned throughout the entire book from chapter to chapter. We even pay tithes which is to be ritualistic because God has no need for our money. So why, can’t you explore different rituals and ceremonies for life if that was the way of the world during B.C. and early A.D. You have to do your research.


If you like astrology or numerology, explore it. I love astrology but I don’t worship the planets, moons, or stars. I, however, do appreciate the energy that they possess and the stories they tell with that energy.


7. Purchase spiritual tools you are drawn to.

Lastly, remember that this is just a start through your journey. Find spiritual tools that are drawn to. you, whether it be crystals, candles, sage, palo santo, oils, etc. There are so many spiritual tools out there. Don't be afraid to google “crystals for anxiety”. Start with what resonates within you. I will be offering more tips and advice about spiritual tools in near future. Feel free to ask me questions about what tools you want to know more about.


I have designed this site for all souls going through their Spiritual Glow Up because I want and need a tribe to Glow Up with. 

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