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4 Ways Spirit Speaks to You

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Many times we have asked the Universe for guidance and answers to life’s problems and then we don’t realize the answer is being sent to us through different mediums than we are used to seeing.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out whether it is Spirit or our fears speaking to us. We must use our discernment to figure out what the message is and what it means. Here are 4 ways I have experienced Spirit relaying messages to me.

1. Spirit speaks through other people.

Have you ever needed an answer and then randomly someone is talking about that exact thing you were just talking to God about?

Have you ever been sitting in the car praying and a song comes on that brings you comfort or resolve? These are just two examples of how Spirit comes in to bring you a message. This has probably happened many times in your life. Sometimes we take these occurrences with a grain of salt and think they are coincidences. But it is not just a coincidence, the Universe uses vessels to communicate with us using the language that we understand.

There are times when Spirit is providing caution or support. We overlook things and continue to feel like our questions have gone unanswered when the answers are right in front of you, literally speaking to you. This form of spirit message reminds me of Jaden Smith’s joke in Pursuit of Happyness starring him and his father Will Smith:

“ Hey dad, you wanna hear something funny? There was a man who was drowning, and a boat came, and the man on the boat said "Do you need help?" and the man said, "God will save me". Then another boat came and he tried to help him, but he said "God will save me", then he drowned and went to Heaven. Then the man told God, "God, why didn't you save me?" and God said, "I sent you two boats, you dummy!"

It’s funny because there are times when and Spirit is sending you the answers but in our frustration and ignorance, we miss the message.

2. Spirit speaks through your senses.

Our senses are a strong but subtle way of Spirit speaking to us. It can happen with any of our senses. Have you ever smelled something familiar and it activated a memory that seemed random but the scent made you feel good or feel bad? It could have been Spirit. Have you ever felt a touch and thought something was on you? It could have been Spirit. Have you ever thought you saw something but you knew nothing was there? It could have been Spirit.

Have you ever heard a voice calling you but you were alone? I urge you in those moments to take a second and speak back to it. See if you get a response. I know it may feel awkward at first but if you really want to connect with Spirit you are going to have to lose the “normal” mentality that you have been programmed to believe.

3. Spirit speaks through numbers.

I receive a lot of messages inquiring about the meaning of numbers. People see the same numbers over and over again and they figure out by the 5th time that it can’t be a coincidence. The truth is, the first time it stood out to you it was a message from Spirit. You kept ignoring it so Spirit decided to become a pest to reassure you that it was not a coincidence.

Numbers hold power and energy. For that reason, Spirit uses the arrangement of numbers to send messages. It is important to understand how we feel in that moment to fully understand the message.

When a specific number doesn’t resonate with me, I usually google “Angel Number (insert number here)” to see what people are saying about the number. Some numbers I understand their meaning immediately like when I see my childhood house number I know that I am safe but service may be required of me because I was a very mature child. Numbers like 1111 or 111, let me know that I am accessing portals of energy that are conspiring for my success. 333 is a number of trinity and completion, Spirit is telling you that you are protected and must walk in spirituality and purpose as you move forward. 444 is a number of stability and material manifestation. 555 is a number where Spirit is letting you know that change is coming or you need to make a change.

Messages through numbers must be personalized. There are many sites that tell you how they feel Spirit is communicating but you must also use your own intuition and experience with those numbers.

4. Spirit speaks through dreams.

Dreams are a big way for Spirit to talk to us because it is when we are the stillest. The only problem is when we wake up we start moving around instead of taking a moment to reflect on our dream. Oftentimes we see familiar people in our dreams and we instinctively think to call them to share the dream with them. Sometimes that instinct is correct but sometimes the dream is just about the symbolism that that person has in your life. When you first wake up from a dream write it down, if possible. Check out a dream dictionary and look up certain elements of your dream.

Funny story, a friend of mine had a dream that our circle of friends all got pregnant. After looking in a dream dictionary, I discovered that pregnancy represents the birth of a new personal life. I told her that I felt like her dream meant we were all going to go our separate ways. She laughed because she just knew that couldn’t be true, but it was. We moved on only to communicate through social media.

Spirit is so wise and vast that it is capable of using different modalities to reach us in our fleshly skin. This is why meditation is important so that you don’t miss out on any downloads. If you feel that Spirit has been speaking to you and would like to know more information contact me for a Spiritual Reading.

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