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How to Balance Energies

Regardless of your gender, we all possess both masculine and feminine energy. We must learn to balance those energies within us. Positive polarity in our universe is all masculine energy, and the negative polarity is feminine energy. Think of these two energies like a battery; both the positive and negative side must play their role for the device to operate. The norms of society have programmed us to channel the toxic and unhealthy forms of both. It is essential to recognize the unhealthy imbalance and then actively decide to correct and replace it. I know you have probably heard this before, but energy is neither lost nor destroyed. Because of this reason, we must understand that we cannot remove the energy we possess, but we can heal it.

Masculine Energy

“Ladies are meant to be seen and not heard.” This saying is appalling to many, but the truth is, being “heard” is a part of masculine energy. Masculine energy presents itself through the process of doing and assertiveness. Masculine energy is putting in the work. Let’s consider the man’s reproductive organ; he has a penis because the male chromosome’s job is to be the giver. Even traditional gender roles have men being the providers and protectors, which are elements of masculine energy.

Masculine energy has many toxic elements that occur because of an imbalance. Anger and bullying are two of the most deadly forms of masculine energy. Fear, frustration, and narrow-mindedness come because of the lack of feminine energy to replace it. The need to be controlling and dominant, unnecessarily competitive, abusive, heartless, and rigid are known as shadow masculine traits. These toxic behaviors were promoted and deemed reasonable for centuries because it was just a man being a man. The truth is that anyone with these traits is operating in an imbalance that must be acknowledged. Even overworking is an unhealthy masculine trait.

The great thing about life is that everything has polarity. It is necessary to have masculine energy. Men must give women their sperm to reproduce. Assertiveness, confidence, and decisiveness are all aspects of the divine masculine. Masculine energy is operating in your power but finding healthy ways. We all must find appropriate ways to channel the light side of the masculine in all of us. Focus and reason are two traits that can replace anger and frustration. To operate in the divine masculine, we must be accountable, supportive, and humble. These traits generate the positive side of the polarity to create an elevation of self.

Feminine Energy

“Stop crying and man up!” You may have heard this said to a young boy before. The truth is that our senses and emotions are attached to our feminine energy. We can understand feminine energy through the reproductive organs of a woman. Women receive sperm and release offspring. Feminine energy is just that, receiving and releasing. Feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy. It is about being receptive to the world around us and not working hard to do it. There is a vast difference between the divine feminine and the wounded feminine.

The most potent toxic trait of feminine energy is victimhood and being a doormat. Receiving and releasing are feminine energy themes, so blame, greed, impatience, and despair are all unhealthy traits. The damsel in distress is an example of wounded feminine energy programming. We normalize a lack of power in some and not in others because of our gender. The truth is that no one needs to be rescued because we have everything within us to save ourselves.

In a world that praises “putting in the work,” I would urge you to think about the art of allowing. The divine feminine energy operates in a manner that attracts opportunities and things to it. Think of the attractive nature of a woman; she doesn’t need to do anything to be praised and admired because that is feminine energy at work. Feminine energy is about pure love and nurture. It is magnetic, authentic, and free-flowing. Those who practice the art of allowing can expand their life effortlessly. Sometimes we try too hard to get something done, but as soon as we stop forcing it to happen, The negative polarity of energy (known as feminine energy) is how we create and manifest. Beyond that, the divine feminine is naturally intuitive and listens to the heart over the mind but remains grounded.

Balancing Energies

Have you ever felt drained, depleted, and exhausted? Of course, we all have. That is the lack of feminine energy. That is overdoing. We need to tap into the negative polarity and grant ourselves grace and compassion to rest. We are living in a dominant masculine era. Everyone is promoting work, which isn’t all bad, but we need balance. For as much work as we put in, we also need to allow ourselves space to receive. Our mental health needs this balance.

Where are your imbalances? What wounded feminine/masculine energy are you operating in? You must know your imbalance to make the proper correction.

If you have too much masculine energy, practice allowing people to do things for you. Say yes. It is ok for people to help you. Rest and reflection is another way to tap into your divine feminine energy. Designating time to rest and reflect is essential, especially if it does not come naturally. Surrender is also a way of allowing. You are removing the resistance that is limiting your manifestations and creativity. Be in the moment when you start to overthink, stop, and find something to be grateful for. It can be the smallest thing. Masculine energy overload needs to be combated with tapping into the divine feminine.

If you have too much feminine energy, practice giving to people. Say no. It is necessary when you lack masculine energy that you create space to conquer your fears and be more assertive. Take responsibility for your life, you cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you respond. You must react confidently, no matter the circumstance. You are not a doormat and must set boundaries for people to know this. Taking action is the basic theme of masculine energy so try to step into it when time allows.

Finding Oneness

The most crucial part of balancing energies is to create oneness. Oneness is the balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energy. The optimal goal is to reach a state where you are operating in power, love, and wisdom. These three traits are the embodiment of how you connect masculine and feminine energy. Healthy people operate in this balance. It creates an illumination within because it is magnetic. People start to draw to you because they admire your freedom, awareness, and humble confidence. People are attracted to your clarity and synergy because it gives them a sense of peace and trust because of your authenticity and open-heart. Because you have boundaries but are still vulnerable, you can be empathic and act with reason.

It is a journey to tap into your oneness. You must actively be practicing and creating room to stay aligned. Maintaining oneness is done through the habits you keep. Through this process, you consistently have to decide when to step up and when to step back. You must think of yourself as a plant; you need to be watered (feminine) and receive sunlight (masculine) consistently to grow.

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