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Understanding the Moon

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Most of what we know about the Moon has not been scientifically proven. It's like the understanding of God. We see so much evidence that we come to the knowledge that there must be collective energy responsible for all the great works of the Universe.

History: The Moon has been influencing civilizations for centuries.

The Moon has been a mystery that people have wanted to understand since the dawn of time. It is interesting to know that we have a calendar system set up because of our relationship with the Moon and the Sun. While the Sun is used to track the seasons, the Moon is used to track the days. Hence the creation of the 24 hour day.

Did you know that our days would only be 8 hours long if we didn't have the Moon? Talk about needing more hours in a day. I am grateful for the 24 that we have now, and I am grateful for the energy given by the Moon to make that happen. The Moon is responsible for both the time and design of the Earth.

We can view how the Moon has influenced civilization in all aspects of life, from academia to the spiritual realm. The Moon has been the main character of many folk tales and parables. It has also made its contributions to math and astrology. Animals use the Moon to adjust hunting and lifestyle behaviors based on the Moon's phases. Historians and archaeologists have found so much evidence of the Moon's relevance in so many cultures. The phases of the Moon have helped in the advancement of agriculture for centuries. It is fascinating how the Moon is an inactive dead world that feels so alive and relevant to life on Earth.

Science: The Moon controls the tidal waves.

Knowing that the world is made up of 70% water, it is interesting to know that the Moon's gravitational pull is what controls all bodies of water. The Earth is tugging on the Moon, and the Moon is tugging on the Earth, but the Moon's gravitational pull is much more visible and impactful. That impact is occurring through the presence of tidal waves. It is those tidal waves that created our shores.

Psychology: The Moon influences our actions on an emotional level.

Did you know that word lunatic is derived from the Latin root word luna, which means Moon? It is hard to prove the Moon's control on a person's psyche, but it seems logical when you think about it. If the world is made up of mostly water and the Moon controls it, then it is safe to assume that the same relationship occurs within us because we are also made up of 70% water.

It is possible that the Moon actually governs the rhythms of the body just like it does the oceans, creating tides in emotions, habits, and patterns. Doctors have seen changes in emergency room visits, and pregnancy rates increase during a Full Moon. Law enforcement data show that the number of incident reports increases significantly during a full Moon. Full Moon Fever is something that has yet to be scientifically proven, but it feels so real. It seems as if human behavior changes during a Full Moon, collectively.

Astrology: The Moon is the mother of the zodiac.

The Moon is the opposite of the Sun, which governs our ego and pride. The Moon rules our emotions, according to astrology. The Moon is a symbol of the ever-changing, receptive, water energy that focuses on internal concerns. The Moon is associated with the home and childhood, including nurturing, acceptance, and traumas.

If you have ever read your natal chart, you will discover that you have a Moon sign, which explains the emotional energy that you possess. Your Moon sign is calculated by determining what zodiac sign the Moon was in at your time of birth. Your Moon sign determines your level of sensitivity, not your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is the zodiac sign that explains how you act when you are guarded or in your ego.

Another way the Moon impacts you is through your 4th house placements. If you have ever received your natal chart, you might have seen a section of the report that said houses. If you look for the 4th house or IC (Imum Coeli - Latin for "bottom of the sky"), you should see a zodiac sign with degrees next to it. That sign is known as your 4th house placement. Because the Moon is associated with your childhood, your 4th house placement is a great place to look when trying to understand where your triggers and traumas may stem. Feel free to schedule a natal chart reading with me, where we can explore aspects of your chart if you would like to know more.

Astrology was used to heavily influence medicine as people saw the planets, Moon, and Sun as a blueprint of God's instructions for life. According to medical astrology, they concluded that the Moon is the ruler of the ovaries. Which makes perfect sense if you think about the alignment with its 28-day cycle and a woman's 28-day cycle. The Moon also has rulership over nutrition and digestion because of its connection to nature, patterns, and habits related to the body. If you ever experience illness related to these areas, you should take time to do some inner work.

Are there any bad habits that you need to break, causing unexplainable stomach aches? Are you emotionally stressed, and it is causing a cyst to form on your ovaries? Are you having bowel issues because you have not released some emotional baggage? Whenever you become ill, you should look at that part of the body and find out the spiritual meaning. Whenever you are going through emotional trauma, your body will speak to you to let you know in specific areas.

Spirituality: The phases of the Moon can be used for healing different areas of life.

There are 8 phases of the Moon, but technically only has two processes, waxing (or growth) and waning (or decreasing). The Moon's waxing process is known as the first 14 days, from the New Moon to the Full Moon. This is the time when you should use the energy of the Moon for a new beginning and creation. Each phase in this growth process plays a different role:

New Moon: This Moon signifies the reset. It's time for a fresh start. It is ok to perform a New Moon ritual during this time to create focus and alignment with your reset.

Waxing Crescent Moon: This Moon signifies the time to set intentions. It is time to plant those seeds of intention and water them.

First Quarter Moon: This signifies action, decision making, and challenge. When you are working on something new, many times, you hit bumps in the road. Use the Moon to invite in luck, prosperity, and favor. This is a great time to do a Money or Job Ritual.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: The theme of this phase is refinement. It is time to take a step back to adjust and reevaluate. It's ok to take a pause, and sometimes it is more beneficial in the long run.

The next 14 days of the cycle is known as the waning process, from Full Moon to New Moon. This energy is geared towards completion and release.

Full Moon: This Moon is all about release and preparation to receive. You have been putting in the work, and now it is time for the harvest. It is also time to let go of things that are no longer serving you. You should have identified them in the last moon phase. Remember to be appreciative of the lessons and situations as you let them go. They served a purpose in your life and aided in your growth and healing. You may want to do a Full moon ritual to release.

Waning Gibbous Moon: This Moon signifies gratitude and enthusiasm. You should feel all of the abundance that has entered into your life. Try not to go overboard because this is a time when you may reach your breakthrough. Be grateful but remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. This part of the cycle feels tremendously rewarding.

Last Quarter Moon: This Moon is here for you to cleanse, heal, and forgive. You will be hurt many times on this journey of life but understand you deserve to be free of that heartache and pain. You need to get ready for the next level of elevation, and healing is how you prepare for it. What you don't heal will keep recurring. This is also a time to declutter your space. The New Moon is coming, and you need to make room for it.

Waning Crescent Moon: This Moon signifies rest and surrender. As you prepare to reset, you must take time to recuperate. Rest is necessary for this cycle.

The Moon teaches us the power of going through the motions healthily and constructively. If you align with the energy that has been provided, you will begin to recognize the patterns and act accordingly. There is so much more to know about the Universe and all of the answers it offers. Using the energy of the Moon's cycle is a great place to start your journey.

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